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Benols Beauty

Professional Makeup Brushes

Professional Makeup Brushes

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Our makeup brushes are made with the softest synthetic fibres, making them the perfect brush set for makeup beginners and enthusiasts. This set comes with foundation, powder, blush, bronzer/contour, blending, eyebrow, eyeliner and highlight brushes. 

Brush maintenance 

1. Pour lukewarm water into a bowl 

2. Mix soap or shampoo with water 

3. Dip brush bristles in the soap and water mixture 

4. Swirl until the makeup residual is completely out of the brush bristles 

5. Rinse brush bristles with clean lukewarm water

6. Dab dry with a clean cloth 

7. reshape bristles and air dry 



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customer questions

What skin stype are Benols Beauty skincare made for ?

Our skincare is created and tested to be sutible for all skintypes. We create our skincare with only the best ingridients meant to leave your face feeling hydrated and refreshed. We do advise doing a patch Test before using our products incase of skin irritation.

Is Benols Beauty Cruelty- free ?

At Benols Beauty we do not condone or participate in animal testing.

Are Benols beauty products ethically produced

At Benols Beauty we value ethical consumption and production. Our manufacturers are thoroughly vetted to insure our products are created responsibly.