Tips for feeling more beautiful

Tips for feeling more beautiful

Recognize your inner beauty: 

It is important to acknowledge that you are a powerhouse of beauty. Get pen and paper and write down all of the beautiful things that you do, that you give, that you create, and that you are.

Appreciate yourself through the eyes of all your treasured ones: 

Vision yourself the way those dearest to you see you and give yourself the affection they give you. Feel the beauty they feel around you.

Update your make-up:

Give yourself the perfect gift of new and trending makeup by making sure that your make-up doesn’t look old-fashioned or outdated. A new look can highlight your most beautiful features. So be ahead of the game and not behind. Don’t be playing catch up with self-care. Benols Beauty Lashes could drastically enhance your look and appearance further inspiring more confidence. Check out selection of handmade mink and silk lashes here

Dress up: 

Dress up on special occasions, look your very best, and be the best-dressed person in the room because life has gotten more and more unpredictable.  Wear red! Turn a few heads. Above all be happy.

Display self-confidence: 

Show the world that you know you are beautiful everywhere it counts. Your self-confidence rises in direct proportion to your self-acceptance. Love the unique and beautiful person you are and share that with the world.

Don’t act your age: 

Don’t allow age to come in the way of your beauty and happiness. Your age doesn’t define you or your capability for beauty. Live the age you feel and love every moment of it to the fullest. 

Get excited: 

Allow yourself to be enthusiastic and excited about life. Don’t let your concerns about appearance hold you back from embracing the beauty of living. It will reflect back on you!



Focus on the best: 

Stop staring at the wrinkle or the imperfection on your body, is not the worst. Stop comparing yourself to others. Let your “worst” skins recede and focus on your best instead. You have far more beautiful features than you see, focus on yourself - you are beautiful.

Create beauty around you.

Let your surroundings reflect the beauty inside of you. Have things that are beautiful to surround you, like adding  flowers and cute lovely things around the house also let your home be packed with your beauty.

Be outgoing: 

Smile as much as possible, make friends when possible because bridging the gap between stranger and friend feels beautiful, initiate conversations even if it’s hard. And show interest in people.


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